• Vision

    Reach the unsaved

    Train the saved

    Set free the suffering and opressed

    Heal the sick

    Build orphanages and schools in poor countries

    Organizing campaigns for salvation, healing and deliverance in unreached country and area

    Church planting

  • Values

    Worshiping Jesus as a natural lifestyle

    Prayer as a natural lifestyle

    Preaching and teaching the Word of God with power for salvation, healing, deliverance and growth in Christ Jesus

    Coaching and intercession as a natural part of daily life

    Focus allways on victorious Jesus meetings

    Live as a Godly family in close relations and Godly intimacy

    Every member living in a close intimacy with Jesus

    The fruit of the spirit growing in each one

    The gift of the spirit, develope them and release them in each one

    Multitude of creativity

    Individual orginality

    Team work in a life giving comunity


    Unity in the lokal and global body of Christ


    Continuously evaluation and renewel

    Clear specific instructions and mandates

    An attractive and including fellowship

  • Faith comitment

    Gods word, the bible as original, infallible, and inbreathed by the Holy Spirit

    Trinity, God in 3 personalitys, The Father God, The Son Jesus Christ and as The Holy Spirit

    The saviour Jesus Christ, virgin birth, sinless, substituonary death on the cross, raised from the dead, sits on the trone of grace at His Fathers right hand and has all power in heaven and on earth

    The Holy Spirit as the autority of the church, the one who fills everyone with fire and power and asignet to glorifie Jesus true every beliver

    Man, all have sinned and rebelled against God and His word

    Grace, a undeserved gift wich proclame that the hole herritages is given to us bye the promises wich has got its yes bye God and its amen bye us

    Faith, the only access to God and the only wich please God

    Salvation, Faith-repentence- and confession to a new birth bye the Holy Spirit to godly kind of life and fellowship with God in trinity

    Church as local and global institution with people as kings and priest for God in one body Jesus Christ

    Service true gifts given bye God for building up the body to maturity

    Regulations, fully baptism in water and charing the comunion true the symbolic bread and wine as christ body and blood

    Assignment, Jeus the Good News given to everyone, sent as Jesus was sent

    Christ`s return, to retrieve and to rule for ever

    Man`s future, the final resurrection and judgment to either hell or heaven