New tuk tuk in business april 2016

Tuk tuk in bussiness for helping the poor people on garbich field with all income to food, healtcare, and teaching of the word of God

Opening church at the garbich field area Mai 2016

Seminar with pastor and leaders in Malindi December 2016

Per Andre help the garbich people with cleaning their wounds Mars 2016

Professor and our koordinator Khurram from Pakistan share food and the gospel with the people on garbich field in January 2016 Mombasa

Christmas 2015 with gifts to the poorest of the poorest wich lives on the garbich field in Mombasa

Magongo Kenya crusade January 2016

Khurram, Daniel and Emmanuel out in mission in rural areas near Victoria lake, building network, many healed and many saved

Leader seminar and nettwork building in Malindi during new years celebration 2015 to 2016

Good Hope orpanaghe get exstra meals during christams and Øyvind, Daniel and Celine celebrate christmas eve with them

Crusade in the garbich field, some 100 people gave their life to Christ Jesus, church established near the field

Many gifts was given out this christmas 2015 to poor people living in the garbich in Mombasa

Visiting womens section just before christmas 2015 and gave out different items and education books for beeing grounded in Christ Jesus and some 50 precious said yes to Jesus as their saviour

Seminar in Mtwapa 15-18 December 2015 with books and compendium for all participants

3 day festival Mtwapa february 2015, thousands of people came and many of them gave their life to Christ

Women seminar Mtwapa february 2015 with about 50 participants enjoying Signe teaching about the life in christ

Leadership seminar february 2015

3 days seminar and festival

The Lords meal to show dedication into network

Easie place to preach when hunger is there

Thousands of hungry souls in Mtwapa came to Christ

New sight on left eye

15 family members in a small cottage

To small even for 4

They hunger for knowledge

Dont let them continue suffer

Help us giving them scool